HPC Medx is a division of Hanover Pen Corporation (HPC), a family owned (since 1957) business located in South Central Pennsylvania. The facility totals 36,000 sq. ft. including offices, machine shop, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces. We currently have 40 full time employees.

In 1993, an injection mold supplier contacted HPC concerning the ultrasonic welding of plastic parts for one of his customers. They knew we had ultrasonic welding equipment and many years of experience with plastic component assembly. The customer, Valley Forge Scientific Corporation (VFSC), was developing a bipolar electrosurgical generator and needed a source, for disposable instruments. HPC worked with VFSC personnel through many design iterations and prototypes ultimately abandoning the original design in favor of one provided by HPC. We then set up a production line that grew to 30,000 instruments per month.

This initial medical project led to others and we realized that we had the technical know-how, the facilities and the equipment to manufacture medical devices. The HPC Medx Division was thus established and grew from a 10 foot by 10 foot research room to a 10,000 sq. ft. area dedicated to medical device manufacturing complete with a 620 sq. ft. clean room.

HPC Medx now serves customers in a wide assortment of medical specialties, each with unique requirements. We are known for assembly, imprinting, packaging and sealing for everything from single components to complete assembly of complicated electrical, mechanical, chemical and fluidic devices.

HPC is proud to announce:

  • ISO 13485 Certificate FM 563191
  • FDA Registration No. 2531232, Medical Devices
  • FDA NDC Labeler Code 51811, Drug Product Repackaging and Relabeling
  • Japan Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation (FMA), BG30401272
  • UL, electrical safety (by the customer)
  • EPA for antibiotic generating devices
  • CE, CEC (by the customer)

Our goal for the future is to continue to grow by adding new customers, new devices and new technologies as we service our existing customers and help them grow.