HPC Medx: The Intelligent Choice

At HPC MEDX, we take a partnership approach with our clients, combining their expertise with our engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce products on time and within budget.  Our reliable team will work with you to select appropriate materials and design.  HPC MEDX will work with you to meet all your needs.  We are your comprehensive resource for the world of manufacturing.  When you contract HPC MEDX you can buy in confidence, knowing that you are dealing with a company that has been in the manufacturing industry for more than nine decades.  We stand ready to serve your manufacturing needs, now and in the future.

Your One-Stop Shop

We handle start-up orders, as well as, large production runs.  Our in-house machine shop allows us to quickly produce prototypes and make changes for design iterations throughout the development of your product.  We stand ready to assist you with product research and development, prototyping, specifying and testing materials, and identifying a manufacturing process that will meet your exacting standards.

Our people put HPC MEDX a level ahead of the competition. Our people make the difference; individuals who believe in a job well done, individuals who are committed to our customers, individuals who put quality first and dedicated hard-working individuals who care.

Committed to Excellence

At HPC MEDX we are pledged to being a high quality supplier to our customers.  In order to assure the quality of your products, procedures are in place to evaluate raw materials, manufacturing procedures, inspection techniques, and packaging.  Frequent employee training and employee involvement programs help us to develop more efficient, cost effecting, quality-oriented methods of manufacturing.  Regular meetings are schedule with individual departments at which both quality and production issues are discussed.  The purposes of these meetings is to allow line personnel to communicate their concerns and oberservation directly to upper management so that, as a team, we can improve our equipment and practices to heighten the quality of your products.

Our commitment to the health care field includes our FDA registration as a Contract Manufacturer, (Reg. #2531232) and our total incorporation of current Good Manufacturing Practices and the Quality System Regulation.  In 2009, HPC Medx was approved by Japan for their Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation (FMA). In 2010, HPC MEDX was approved by BSI Group and received ISO 13485 certification, Certificate # FM 563191.

We invite you to challenge HPC MEDX with your medical device project.  We understand that creating a superior product requires a dedicated team that is experienced, innovative and committed to doing the job right.  Our team is creative, focused and ready to meet your challenge and bring your product to market.